Line Free Queing

Directly improve your customer service and create happy customers by giving them accurate information, timely reminders, and the option to roam around freely while waiting for their turn.

Live Queue Updates

Your customers with the WaitKnowMore APP can see LIVE queue status and receive instant updates on their exact wait time.

Multiple Window Support

Usually reserved for enterprise or expensive queue systems we've created WaitKnowMore to support multiple queues and windows from the start. Divide customer tasks or departments and create as many windows to work each queue easily.


Analyze wait times by days of the week and hours of the day, track employee efficiency and easily see trends in your customer behaviors through the merchant dashboard.


Easy to Use

There is virtually no learning curve for employees to use WaitKnowMore. The system is very intuitive and super user friendly. A help center with FAQs is there to cover most questions and WaitKnowMore staff is here to help with troubleshooting.

No Special Hardware Needed

A web browser and an internet connection is all you need. We take care of everything else in the cloud. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Instant Setup

Not a tech guy? No problem! WaitKnowMore is built to make queue management easy. It provides step-by-step guides to help create your account in minutes.

Operate your Queues Exactly as you Want, Ony Smarter

Want to use laminated numbers on a wall? No problem. WaitKnowMore provides printable queue numbers with your logo and custom SMS codes. Want to get fancy and provide a self service kiosk with a tablet and printed receipt including accurate estimated wait times? Wait Know more is set to accommodate large or small office needs.

You're Getting...

Improved Customer Loyalty

Allowing your customers to join the queue and receive accurate wait times, timely reminders and updates about their position in the queue, you return the time that would normally be wasted waiting in your lobby to them. By giving this time back to them, you improve their opinion of you, and make it more likely for them to provide return business.

Loyalty Distribution and Tracking

WaitKnowMore has a built-in loyalty system to track repeat customers to your business. Set up promotions for your best customers and build business and happy customers.

Marketing Lists

WaitKnowMore allows merchants to build an SMS marketing channel with ease. Contact your customer base for marketing or news at a low cost with only a few clicks.

Customer Profile Tracking

Improve your business through better customer service by responding to trends in customer behaviors.

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